About us

Jamais Vu translates to ‘never seen before’. Inspired by a Grandmother’s wicker sewing basket full of colourful materials, the brand launched in 2018. As a young child, Founder of the brand Viviana loved nothing more than playing with all the colourful ribbons that spilled out of that basket. Observing her Nana weave those threads into bright multi-coloured creations. These childhood memories ignited the passion to create one of the most identifiable Italian hand-crafted swimwear brands of the moment. Every season Jamais Vu brings a unique offering of colours, flourishes, beading and hand-embroideries that give tangible life to those early fantasies. Romantic pastel hues remain Jamais Vu’s undisputed iconic brand aesthetic. Each style is the result of meticolous work, allowing each piece its own individuality. Which is why for any wearer of the brand, they can rest assured they are in the possession of something special as no two pieces will be exactly alike. Quality and craftsmanship set Jamais Vu apart from other brands within the swim and beachwear market. The brands customisation makes it possible to have a unique piece that no one else will be able to own.